Always been based on the work of handicrafts, Delfi over the years compared with the changes and the different needs of the public by generating new excitement and stimulation, well-defined, giving a soul to the company, still in search of materials, lines and forms that can harmonize with the becoming.


"Future: a constantly evolving" 

Delfi produces within its own organic "Plastic" for their own projects or on behalf of third parties: 

Studio Baiocchi; 


Studio Saviors and Romualdi; 


Vanto Sas.


"Take the best that exists and make it better. If it does not create it "(Henry Royce) 

Manual dexterity and imagination of the craftsman end of the technicians, designers and architects, this is the combination that leads Delfi to stand out for their originality and charm helping to maintain a high level of passion. 

Soft and sinuous shapes that enhance the bond between the materials.

Know How

A passionate knowledge of the raw material and excellent craftsmanship in manufacturing, over time, have provided customers with Delfi a comprehensive guarantee of craftsmanship, quality and durability of our products.


The furniture and decor are essential and it is important that they are carried out by qualified professionals able to provide the most suitable product for every situation.


Via Simone Weil, 7
Laterina Arezzo.

Telefono:+39 0575 89084
FAX:+39 0575 89084
E-mail: delfisrl@delfisrl.it

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